Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Fact check

Really earned that prize.
Reuters needs to do its homework.  In a story where it tries valiantly to portray The One as something other than an utter failure on the diplomatic front, we have this interesting tidbit:
Obama's vision of multilateral diplomacy helped him earn a Nobel Peace Prize after only 11 months in office and made him wildly popular in Europe and elsewhere.
That was 11 days in office when He'd done bugger all about anything except preen His feathers and ask His aides ten times an hour how awesome they thought He was.  

Time must operate differently on Reutersworld.


eon said...

They got the other bit backwards, too. He was "wildly popular" in Europe and other places before they gave him the prize, which leads me to suspect that the popularity caused it to be awarded.

Either that, or the entire prize committee was drunk at the time.



Sergej said...

Why should time not operate differently on Reutersworld? In the Obamasol star system, they still think it's 1968.