Friday, 16 September 2011

Electric car of doom

Brothers Michael and Kenny Ham reason that in the event of the Apocalypse there won't be a drop of petrol available for love or money, so they designed an electric go-kart with a tiny solar panel strapped on the roof.  Apparently, they're dead keen on being devoured by zombies while their little runabout is recharging for a week.

Meanwhile, with my siphon, jerry can, and hammer and chisel for attacking the tanks of abandoned or unprotected cars, I'm up in the mountains reinforcing the stockade and converting the Blazer to burn whatever alternative is available.  This is why Environmentalism is a counter-survival strategy.

Update: Who needs electric cars when we've got turbochargers?

Update: Look at the tyres and clearance on that thing. Who are they kidding?


Cthel said...

wrong link - goes to rioter story

Sergej said...

Indeed, wrong link.

But I would note that you can probably get 1000 miles on a charge, and recharge in a minute under (politically correct) fluorescent curlybulbs, if you keep the tires on this thing inflated. And performing periodic tune-ups. Barry Husseinovich says so, and what kind of lesser mortal would I be to disagree?

David said...

Link fixed. Thanks for putting it out, lads.