Friday, 9 September 2011

Wi nøt trei a høliday in Sweden this yer?

Bjorn, this is an intervention.
If you think you've got problems, spare a moment for poor Sweden, which is suffering from drunken elks staggering around people's gardens at two o'clock in the morning, singing rugby songs and getting stuck in apple trees.

Probably an Arsenal supporter.


Ironmistress said...

Actually 'Ø' is not a Swedish letter, but Norwegian and Danish. Swedish and Finnish use 'ö' instead.

The letter denotes an actual and specific phonem, which is not the same as 'o'. It is akin to 'i' in the word "sir" or 'e' in "her".

Most likely the elk was an ice hockey fan, probably Stockholm AIK or Frölunda. They have traits like that.

Word verification: "sarin"

Sergej said...

I thought drunken Elks were tubby middle-aged men wearing funny hats, in town for a convention.

eon said...


Code-name for WW II era "nerve gas". Preferred IUPAC name; proper-2-yl methylphosphonofluoridate. AKA (to organic chemists) 2 (Fluoro-methyphosphoryl)oxypropane.

On the whole, I think a drunk elk is preferable. Even if he's a Manchester United fan.



Ironmistress said...

Let's sey mock Swedish wörks much bettör if yu use the Scandinavian special lettörs to denote the aktual fonems what they represent änd not äs just heavy metal umlauts. ['Ä' is a hard 'a' as in "cat" and 'ö' as 'i' in "sir" or e in "her"]

Ofkors, än ockasional substutution of 'c' with 'k' and 'ph' with 'f' ar Skandinavian treits äs well...

Jason said...

Apple-flavored moose meat! Yum! The homeowner passed up a golden opportunity to stock her larder.

David said...


Ironmistress said...

Jason, it isn't that easy in Sweden.

Harvesting bushmeat is made pretty difficult by the legislature. Not only that only the licenced hunters are allowed to kill elks, but killing a trapped elk without licence or without being a licenced official, such as police officer, is prohibited and may lead to prosecution.

Once a moose is killed, the meat is to be inspected by a professional, and auctioned.

Harvesting bushmeat is pretty much impossible in Sweden. Only small game, such as rabbits and hares, can be killed and eaten at will. The bigger game, such as elks and deers, are quite strictly prohibited.