Thursday, 8 September 2011


Nickelback: A leading cause of misophonia.
It's amazing what you learn in the New York Times.  Apparently, I've been suffering most of my life from "misophonia"*; a condition that causes people who listen to certain sounds to fly into a rage.  I certainly suffer from that and very badly.  It's a relief to know this and now I can go forward in life.

Here I was all these years under the spell of a psychological condition while I thought it was just that Radio One broadcasts a load of mindless drivel and call it pop music, the BBC indulges reporters and presenters with appalling regional accents, actors have forgotten how to project, certain politicians never learned to engage the clutch in their brains, the whippet breeders down the road are conducting unholy experiments in the wee hours of the morning and quad-bikers have no consideration for writers trying to beat a deadline.

*Not to be confused  with miso soup, which is quite tasty.

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