Thursday, 8 September 2011

Man amplifier

The Matt Helm films of the '60s may have been the cinematic equivalent of daring your friend to hit you in the back of the neck with a cricket bat as hard as he can, but they at least have the distinction of having the first power loaders in the movies decades before Aliens.


eon said...

I'd have far rather seen accurate adaptations of the original Donald Hamilton novels, which in many ways parallel, not Fleming's 007, but Adam Hall's Quiller and Len Deighton's "man from Burnley". (He's only called "Harry Palmer" in the Michael Caine movies; in the novels, he is never named.)

Even though casting would have been problematic. As described in the novels, Helm bore a frightening physical resemblance to David Bowie.



jayessell said...

To turn the Fark meme on its' head,
"This picture useless without thread."

Here's a link I found through Googling

The YouTube clip no longer clicks
Because FOX and Sony are a bunch of dicks.