Thursday, 22 September 2011

Does it run Windows 8?

From the Register:
Boffins step closer to steam-powered Babbage computer
Only 174 years late.  I think they may have some trouble capturing market share with that sort of development cycle.


eon said...

It occurs to me that since this engine is run by rotational force, even a steam engine is unnecessary. A water wheel, or even a windmill, would get the job done.

EMP proof, requiring no electricity, no valves, no printed circuits... we may have found the only computer likely to work in the Brave New World of Post-Modern Ecological Bliss.

Other than the Antikythera Mechanism, or my old Pickett N902-T simplex trig slide rule, that is.



tony said...

Won't run win 8 it has no winkey. Without this you will get very familiar with ctl alt del, task manager. Fun afternoon installing it on my PC..