Friday, 16 September 2011

New NASA heavy-lift launcher

NASA's new Space Launch System looks impressive (they always do), but I still want to know a) why it's being built, b) why NASA is building it and not a private organisation and c) what exactly is it going to be used for.

The last thing the United States needs is another hanger queen that needs a mission invented to justify its existence.


Cthel said...

d) why they're still sticking 2 bombs to the side of a supposed "human capable" system

eon said...


Because the original 1965 proposal used 4 SRBs strapped to a Saturn V, so I suppose they think this is an improvement.

But don't worry; it'll never be built. First of all because of the "progressives'" visceral hatred of anything that smacks of Western "superiority", Western technological civilization, or American "exceptionalism", and second because it has nothing to do with NASA's "primary missions", i.e. helping the Islamic world feel good about itself and "proving" AGW.

This is purely a ploy to make Obama & Co. look like they are "for" real science, rather than the politicized kind. It will lose its utility as soon as the election is over 14 months from now.

Expect this to be cancelled faster than an ABC sitcom if The One is re-elected in 2012. Or by noon the day after the election if he loses.



Roberto G. said...


This is a hanger:

This is a hangar:

Yust to say. Best regards.

David said...

Roberto G. No, you need hangers.

They'd lose their shape hanging on a nail, you know.