Monday, 12 September 2011

How things have changed

On Sunday, I mentioned that in some ways we are losing the Jihadist War.  A perfect illustration of this is this photo from the Jihadist protest in London that took place on September 11th.

Imagine that it's 1943 and a hundred belligerent Germans show up outside the American embassy with placards declaring that "Nazism will dominate the world".  Wouldn't you suspect that something had gone seriously wrong somewhere?


Anonymous said...

And yet the EDL who try to stand up for Gt Britain are moved on !
Free speech seems like a bit of a one way street these days...

eon said...

The amazing (or maybe revolting) thing is that they were granted a parade permit, and others were "asked" to move aside so they could rant. I assume that at least somebody at the Home Office had some vague idea what they were going to be doing. The fact that apparently nobody at the H.O. cared much does not particularly surprise me- unfortunately.

Besides Nazis in London during the Night Blitz, the only thing more bizarre would have been Sir Oswald Mosley and the British Union of Fascists holding pro-Hitler parades down Pall Mall after Dunkirk. Even Chamberlain wasn't thick enough to let that happen.

As a friend of mine said this AM, it's as if Cameron is trying to beat his immediate predecessor ("Crash" Gordon Brown) for the dubious distinction of "British PM With Shortest Tenure".

Hopefully his own party will show him the door before Labour gets its act together- and manages to replace him with someone even more bizarrely out of touch with reality, like "Red Ken" Livingstone.