Thursday, 15 September 2011

Not wrong, just premature

Proof positive that comics are far worse than the "paranoid" critics thought they were in the 1950s.


Sergej said...

Sam and Max didn't make the list? Clearly, some wanton property destruction is in order.

eon said...

Evil Ernie, from Chaos Comics, got left out, too.

I don't see how. His ambition was to exterminate first everybody on Earth, and then everybody, period, in all of eternity. Preferably in person and with his bare hands.

The worst part about ol' Ern is that he isn't tortured, programmed, conditioned, etc.- he's just a super-powered bozo who also happens to be freaking nuts. Think Lobo, only crazier.

And the worst part is, he can't be killed anymore than Lobo can. Because he's already dead when the story begins. He just never gets around to doing anything about it (shuffling off this mortal coil, etc)- he thinks wasting people is just too much fun to give up.

cheers (?)


Sergej said...

Or Groo. Granted, Groo was not so much about murdering everyone, everywhere, all the time (just people, villages, cities, countries, and the occasional entire civilization). But he did it with such thick-headed joy that it's hard not to like him.

Or did I err?

Anonymous said...

What about Milk and Cheese (Dairy Products Gone Bad)?


eon said...


I always wanted a Groo/Cerebus crossover. Even the Wanderer might have had to think twice about taking on the Aardvark of Doom. ;-)