Thursday, 8 September 2011

When tolerance becomes flat-out licence

The choice is Orwell or Huxley, I guess.
Not walking around starkers in the middle of town. When did this become a controversy?  I think I'm safe in saying that when a society can't tell a saggy old pervert to put his trousers on, there is something seriously amiss.

This is a city where there's a lobby for having sex in the city parks and public lavatories.  San Francisco now makes Sodom and Gomorrah look like an Amish village.


Anonymous said...

Uh, you can read the subtitle on that sign; can't you?

Anonymous said...

The sign isn't what he's commenting on. Click the link.

Sergej said...


eon said...


Read the link. SF is having a debate about requiring people walking around naked in public to put a towel on the seat before they plop down on it on public transportation.

The fact that people are running around bare-everything, in public, in front of not just adults but children, is not even being commented on. Just "please put something between your personal waste-disposal system and where somebody else is going to sit later on".

And even that is considered a Draconian oppression of peoples' right to "personal expression" in 'Frisco. Everything there is relative, of course; I wonder how far I would get walking down a street in that town wearing a Colt Single Action Army .45 in a Trimble holster. Or just wearing an American flag pin on my lapel.

My guess is that the councilman who proposed this "oppressive" measure will have to worry about naked people doing "sit-ins" in his office- unless of course they just decide to beat or stab him terminally. (Remember what happened to George Moscone.)

After which, the perpetrator will no doubt claim that the act was "justified" in the defense of his or her personal right of "self-expression". Plus, of course, being excused because they were high on Twinkies at the time.

SF's response, of course, will be to ban Twinkies. Processed sugar, you know.

(I'm not sure if this is sarcasm or not.)



Anonymous said...

Well, I just made a right fool of myself.