Wednesday, 7 September 2011

When the safeties come off

Après moi, le déluge
Mr Barack Hussein Obama urges the Pentagon, which says that it might be able to cope with only 10,000 troops in Iraq, to make do with, not a typo, 3,000.  That's hardly enough to guard the bases.

What is significant about this is that it's the first proof I've come across that Barry Soetoro doesn't expect to be in the White House in 2013.  Up until now, his policy toward Iraq and Afghanistan has been one of benign neglect of the US armed forces.  He doesn't give a monkey's flatulence about either campaign and regards the military as a piggy bank that he'd raid in a blink if he could get away with it, but The One knows that it would be political suicide to end up labelled as the man who lost the war.  This is why things have gone as well as they have for the past three years.  Barry doesn't care, so, for want of any actual foreign policy,  he follows the old Bush strategy and lets the generals do as they feel best.  That is, until now.  If the Light Worker thinks that he's out of a job after the election, then why hold back?  Let's have some sweet revenge served up piping hot.

The Republicans had better be ready for some major barricading over the next year because I can't think of anything more dangerous than a lame duck Barry.

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eon said...

It's less that His Awesomeness doesn't care, than that he and his minions want the other side to win, but don't dare admit it. They are still carried away by the whole Beatles-Maharishi "the Mystical, Spiritual East is infinitely superior to the Evil, Materialistic West" worldview.

They prefer a world run on "feelings", not facts, which the East gives them in no uncertain terms, going back to the Persians under Xerxes. (I'm quite sure they wish the Greeks had lost that war.) And they are either incapable of distinguishing between radical Islamists and crypto-Buddhist and/or -Hindu "holy men", or just flatly refuse to do so.

We are paying the price of being governed by frat boy refugees from the faculty lounge, who see the world through a haze of patchouli oil incense mixed with hash fumes from their bongs. And as is usual historically, that price is being paid by our soldiers- with their blood.

cheers (but definitely not to the frat boys)