Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Paul Kenny: Master strategist

According to the UKPA, GMB general secretary Paul Kenny makes a call to action, demanding that "The public should occupy libraries and hospitals if they are closed because of the Government's spending cuts".

So, "the public" should occupy hospitals and libraries that have been closed?  Ones that have been turned into buildings devoid of staff and perform no services?

Yeah, that'll hurt.

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eon said...

That article is so full of good comedy material it's hard to know where to start.

"Occupy" closed libraries, etc.? How? They're going to be locked, aren't they? Are the protesters going to break in? (Mind you, the police would no doubt not actually arrest anybody- they wouldn't be allowed to.)

We haven't heard the trade unions'"ideas" on dealing with the budget shortfalls? Gee, let me think... they couldn't be something like "seize all private assets, divide them 'fairly', and print a lot more money", could they? (Seeing that that has been the trade unions' "answer" to everything going back to Jarrow.)

And oh yes, Mr. McCluskey is enraged that the government isn't printing more money, because it "engaged in an illegal war" (quoting "Red Ken" Livingstone) and "has bailed out the bankers".

But those "bankers" were in the hole due to helping "bail out" Greece, Spain, Italy, etc., because their socialist policies had bankrupted them. I thought Labourites were in favor of socialism?

What this tells me is that, just like every other bunch of socialists in Europe and elsewhere, the Labour crowd are out of ideas, and are just trying to cause as much chaos as possible in the hope that either they can seize power after the crash, or at least avoid the blame for causing it in the first place.

I never thought I'd see it in my lifetime, but then two decades ago I never thought I'd live to see the Soviet Union go down the drain, either.

(Short of a full nuclear exchange with NATO, that is.)