Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Day lost

It's been an insane couple of days.  Yesterday, I felt like death warmed over, wrapped in Saran wrap, put back in the fridge, forgotten for a fortnight, reheated again in the microwave and then chucked in the bin after it was proven to be a bad idea.  I think they got pizza instead.  Today, I was up, ready to go and eager to hit the to-do list with a vengeance.  The only trouble was, my computer was in the same state today as I was yesterday.

Not the computer, technically, but my internet connection.  That may not seem like an important distinction these days, but it is when I'm trying to get some work done, all the stuff I need is on the Web and it doesn't matter which computer I use because they're all up the spout.  Personally, I blame the satellite company.  Making an Internet connection via a geosynchronous satellite 26,199 miles above the Earth is always less than ideal.  Just listen in on one of my Skype conversations filled with awkward pauses and constant apologies about speaking over the other person.  Never mind if a video feed is involved.  Then I always regret not recording it because I'm sure I'd be hailed as the new Fellini.   It doesn't help that I'm certain that my provider has oversubscribed the service and that it can't cope with the load, so any time between 8 AM and 5 PM is like swimming in Silly Putty without the advantages.  Today was particularly bad to the point where even their own troubleshooting programme couldn't make sense of what was going on.

Obvious, really.
The upshot of this was that I spent five hours dealing with pages that wouldn't load, email that couldn't be checked and a to-do list that remained a not done list.  This is the reason why I am currently writing this on my netbook in the public library and why the entries for today are so thin.  Worse, between wasting so much time at home and then decamping to town, I'm not getting anything done anyway.

I think the whole thing was a sign from God that I should have just binned the whole day and read Clarkson on Cars.


Bryan said...

Hey, you connect via satellite? Sucks, don't it? "It's better than dialup," we keep telling ourselves. Who's your provider? We use wildblue and we got got done with being fapped, because we had houseguests in August who were completely clueless about the concept of a bandwidth cap. I should have just revoked their access.

The Great and Glorious Governor of the People's Democratic Republic of Vermont has promised to get broadband to every last driveway, dirt road and holler in VT by 2012, but that's not ever going to happen. Two previous governors have made similar promises only to abandon them because nobody cares.

The people who live in the cities (such as they are) of Vermont only like to talk about getting broadband to the poor yokels in the Northeast Kingdom but in actual practice they're not that into doing anything about it. And, since the city folk vastly outnumber the country folk, we're going to wind up with some half-hearted measure like "more wireless towers."

Heck, I'm moving the the bleak urban hell-hole of Burlington next year so I'll be one of those people. And I'll be laughing - laughing while I stream HD video and play online games at the same time - at those poor cannibalistic hillbillies and their weird satellite Internet who live in fear of the Great God FAP.

David said...

It is rubbish, but I live up a mountain and unless Bill Gates or Paul Allen moves in next door nobody is going to string a cable through the woods.

On the plus side, I'm so far from town that when the Zombie Apocalypse hits, I won't even be inconvenienced for at least two months.