Monday, 26 September 2011

Logic and litter bins

London will soon have litter bins that say "thank you" when you drop rubbish into them

You'll able to identify them by the many dents inflicted by panicked passers-by who frantically whaled on them with umbrellas after a bin started talking to them.


Sergej said...

Genuine People Personalities?

eon said...


Drat, you beat me to it! ;-)

Seriously, the last thing I want a litter bin or elevator to do is talk to me. I'd far rather they just do their jobs quietly and let me get on with thinking about what I'm trying to do.

Plus, I've seen entirely too many "over-imbibers" (We used to call them "winos") holding animated conversations with trees, fire hydrants, and litter bins already. It would be ten times worse if the inanimate objects were holding up their end of the conversation.



Sergej said...

Ten times worse, maybe. But at least a hundred times as awesome! I'd consider the amusement to be had from watching partial repayment for the confusion of trying to decide whether someone shouting at the air is enjoying a Bluetooth cell phone conversation with his friend, or simply off his lithium. A lot of the time, the way the guy's dressed provides little help.