Thursday, 22 September 2011

Another day in paradise

The  LA Times wrings their hands over whether the next Oscar awards show will have enough "colour".

By that they mean "black" (since no other minority is mentioned) and they imply that last year's (to quote Mr Greg Dyke) "hideously white" show was the result of racism.

This is the reason why I have so little truck with the Left–especially as it manifests itself in the film world.  You would think that places like the LA Times, Hollywood or academia, where the Left holds an iron grip so firm that conservatives in their midst feel like closeted homosexuals in Iran, they would be as close to the Left-wing utopia as it's possible to be. You'd think that everyone would be tripping through the daisies hand in hand as gay music wafted through the fragrant air and all would be peaceful and free.

Instead, these institutions at the heart of the Left invariably are suspicious, power-hungry, finger-pointing, oppressive regimes ever on the lookout for heretics.  Everyone's "real" motives are always hunted down, no one speaks without censoring himself, and all are subject to insane, contradictory codes of conduct that demonstrate that the writers of those codes are convinced that Hollywood, for example, must be kept under an iron boot because under the façade it's really a hotbed of racism, sexism, homophobia, meat eating, gun hugging, religion clinging, tobacco smoking, and everything else the Left despises.  It's like something out of 1984 or That Hideous Strength.  Hollywood bends over backwards to prove it's Lefty cred every day to the point of churning out whole rafts of films that are ideologically pure yet sink without a trace at the box office.  Everyone from the studio head to the tea boy is forever shouting about how they are absolutely in step and think the right thoughts. If a comedian makes a joke that the Groupthink disapproves of, he will abase himself in the most humiliating manner to atone.  But despite this, an awards list must be scrutinised under a guilty-until-proven-innocent microscope as if it had been drawn up the Ku Klux Klan.  Any whiff of non-conformity is as good as condemnation.

I sincerely suspect that this is regarded as a feature, not a bug.

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Sergej said...

People who live in a society have something they contribute. In my world, scientists discover new things, engineers design new things, craftsmen build new things. Artists are the keepers of culture. If the guys in Hollywood consider themselves to be artists, and the culture they keep is the one of "non-conformity" according to the accepted standard... not my culture. Argal, I don't go to see their movies. Capitalism, comrade!