Monday, 19 September 2011

Welcome to the 21st century

The idea of setting up decorative little boxes on street corners as free libraries would have been charming 30 years ago.  However, in a world where you can download hundreds of books to your phone without spending a penny,  it's just silly.

Website's a bit precious, too.


eon said...

I'd expect that in under 24 hours it would be gone. Having been smashed open, and the books torn up and scattered, and probably set fire to, by the local "yutes".

The concrete base would of course be covered by spray-painted "tags", as well.

We have to accept that there is a substantial potion of our society who no only have no interest in learning, but in fact really, really hate it, in any form. Meaning that not only are they not interested, they will go out of their way to hurt anyone they suspect is interested.

I am beginning to think we have passed Burgess' "A Clockwork Orange" without noticing, and are well on the way to "Mad Max".

And I look ridiculous in a Mohawk.



eon said...

"potion" = "portion".

Accck, as Bill the Cat would say.



Anthea said...

I love the idea of a little decorative box with books...this is a super idea!!!