Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Death to free men!

Our "ethical" future.
Another "ethicist" comes to the rescue of Blessed Gaia and declares that the way to Save the PlanetTM is to genetically engineer humans so that they have less impact on the environment. Naturally, the Elite will be exempt from this because someone has to make sure everything goes to plan and who better than the altruistic Enlightened who must selflessly retain their humanity for the good of all?

Oh, let's drop the sarcasm.  This is the "green" dream come true; mankind exterminated and replaced with a  docile slave race created solely to serve their overclass masters from now until the end of time–or until the Elite degenerate into Eloi and the slave race become Morlocks and start dining on their former masters.


eon said...

As the commenters pointed out, trying to discuss this without running afoul of Godwin's Law is next to impossible. Rather like the "ethicists" who equate infanticide with abortion, this one sees no particular value in human life unless it can be somehow made to serve the purposes of the self-anointed "enlightened elite'". Which brings us right back to He Who Shall Not Be Named (and I don't mean Voldemort), with a side order of Aldous Huxley.

On the plus side, with genetic manipulation at this level, the elites will no doubt be knockouts (because they deserve it so much, you know). The low-level functionary at the Help desk will probably look like Dr. Bashir or Fox Mulder.

And Alpha-Class women will continue to be hot. Case in point; Tricia O'Neil as Maoina Krups in the NBC version of "Brave New World" the header photo is from.

(She was perfect in her skintight Alpha catsuit. I can even forgive the bell-bottoms considering what was above them.)

Us Michael Chiklis types, however, will be "excess to requirements" faster than New Coke.

cheers (?)


Jason said...

I don't know if you, David, have ever read the Draka books by S.M. Stirling, but you're description of this "ethicist's" program sounds chillingly like their Final Society. Not a pretty picture for anyone other than the overlords.

Ironmistress said...

Never assume malice which can be explained by stupidity.

David said...

Ironmistress; There is another saying: Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it's enemy action.

This is enemy action.

eon said...


Indeed. The Australian duo's limited apologia (quoted by Andrew Ferguson in the Weekly Standard this morning) whines that (a) their article was only intended to be seen by their fellow ethicists, not the hoi polloi, and (b) all they were saying was what medical ethicists have agreed is OK for four decades, anyway.

By the way, the Australian infanticide initiative has now been pulled from the public areas of the institute's website, according to Ferguson. My guess is that this cheerful little billet-doux' will soon follow suit.

The point is that the "very special and worthwhile" people now feel free to openly discuss what they want to do to the rest of us, instead of talking about it behind closed doors in the faculty lounge and various government ministries, as they have apparently been doing since the end of World War Two.

When those who define themselves as inherently superior reach the point of dropping most or all pretenses, it's time for everyone else to carefully assess just what those "superiors" have the authority to do. Because they might just try it for real.