Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Reality knocks

The end of a dream
The LA Times, oblivious to Climategate et al,  puts energy on the same level of tobacco and smugly claims that the same bullying tactics that have allowed the State to treat smokers like pariahs will also work to convince people to go back to being serfs.  Of course, this won't apply to the Inner Party members.

Meanwhile, the ChiComs have discovered enough shale gas to run the middle kingdom for 200 years and what do you think are the chances of their turning their backs on that gift?  Or that the rest of the world won't follow their example like a shot with the Inner Party looking shocked as they're trampled under foot?

That sound you hear is Al Gore's bubble bursting.


eon said...

Citing the UCS and Hansen as authoritative, let alone "unbiased", is about as smart as citing Walter Gropius and Mies van der Rohe as justification for building a flat-roofed stadium in Wisconsin. It proves you are ideologically pure, but factually challenged.

Once more, the LAT proves that they dream of socialist authoritarianism, and don't much care about the consequences. Which they are sure that they, the elite', won't have to deal wit anyway.



Sergej said...

Hey, it'll be fun! We can be all in harmony with the cycles of nature! We'll go to bed when it gets dark and get up at dawn! We'll wear fuzzy sweaters in the winter while dying of pneumonia, and in the summer we'll go around smelling like an open sewer because opening the windows really doesn't help when it's 100 out and there's no wind. When we need to get someplace, we'll ride our eco-friendly bicycles that we make from recycled bamboo!

While we're at it, why don't we all just drink raw river water and die of cholera so the little forest critters can take over?

Really, 200k years of evolution, and all we've got to show for it is this LA Times journalist? Sometimes, I wonder if it was worth it getting down from the trees.

eon said...


As Douglas Adams would say, I'm beginning to think that even the trees were a bad idea, and no one should have ever left the oceans.

Seriously, comparing the deep-ecos' campaign against any power source but Holy Wind and Holy Sun to their anti-smoking campaign smacks of fanaticism going off the deep end smack into the Grand Canyon.

People do not have to smoke to live; they do, however, have to heat their homes, cook their food, etc., to avoid assorted examples of the nastier forms of death. Anyone who equates energy sources delivering that needed service to second-hand smoke has jumped straight from "UFOs are flown by angelic Space Brothers" to "Let's blow up NASA to prevent humanity from contaminating the Universe" without making any of the intermediate stops (at abduction by little grey guys, trance-channeling Commander Valiant Thor of the Ashtar Command, etc).

The only solution I can see is to make sure these nitwits never have political power again. Ever.

Some things are too dangerous to be in the hands of children, the delusional, or the outright insane.



Ironmistress said...

There is a reason why I have a wind turbine and a solar panel at my yacht and not a nuclear reactor.

And there is also a reason why I'd rather have nuclear reactor supplying power to my hometown rather than wind turbine or solar panel farm.