Monday, 5 March 2012

Go away!

Oh, sure.  First it just follows you around and helps you do the shopping because you ask it to, but pretty soon  the little creeps will be on your heels whether you want them or not, demand a say in the item selections and report you to the Healthy Police if you buy too much cheese.  This demonstration didn't even get a minute in before the iron nanny started nagging the man about the spaghetti, which, amazingly, wasn't answered with a sharp demand that it shut it's cake hole and that if it's opinion is wanted it will be asked for–but don't hold its non-existent breath.

I say we take the them out now.


eon said...

Hmm. Metal. Plus electronics.

I'd say the correct prescription is a truck battery charger, plugged in to the AC outlet, clamps attached to the frame, turned up to 24V, and then turned on. At maximum amperage.

At the very least, it ought to have the little creep going in circles in the parking lot, singing "Old Dog Tray" a capella.

I'm beginning to wonder if the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation is behind this, somehow.



Anonymous said...

Look, I just want to do my shopping in peace. I do not want a discussion on the "Rights of Man" nor do I want a demented Dalek shouting at me when I decide to add a bottle of Chateau Thames Embankment. It is bad enough that the "self service" tills have me doing the job I thought I was paying a checkout bod for while demanding I place the TREE I bought almost four feet off the ground as the "helpful" till cannot recognise that a five foot high tree does not belong four feet off the ground! This will end badly... I have a lump hammer that guarantees this... ;)

Brandon said...

What is quick and easy about this?

You want to add a point of sale to a cart? Go for it!

You want to make a busy body robo-shopping cart to READ my shopping list TO ME? No thank you, I can push a cart and read a list at the same time. It is what God gave me elbows for.