Friday, 2 March 2012

It'll be wicker men next, mark my words

One eye firmly on the camera

It's hard to pull off this sort of self-conscious moral vanity without a decent director to give you notes.

"That was wonderful, Tracy.  I really felt your eco-consciousness there.  But you really need to keep the energy  down at first or you don't have anywhere to go.  Levels, people; levels."

This is why I have absolutely no compunction about satirising worshipers of Blessed Gaia.  Every time I think I'm going over the top, they jam the bar another notch higher.


eon said...

Actually, I doubt they'll go the Lord Summerisle route. Torching a wicker cage causes air pollution.

No, they'll be more likely to go the full Aztec human sacrifice route, complete with the stone altar, flint knife, and ripping the victim's still-beating heart from their body. They can use the blood to fertilize the soil.

Besides, as much as they dislike the human race, that just has to be more fun from their POV.



Sergej said...

Is this parody?