Friday, 2 September 2011

Keystone-XL: An exercise in Ludditism

The oil will still be burned in China, but who cares?
Opposition to the Keystone-XL oil pipeline between the United States and Canada has nothing to do with Saving the PlanetTM.   But then, Environmentalism today has little to do with the environment.

I quite like this point (emphasis added):
If the pipeline is not built, another will be, from the tar sands deposits to the Canadian West Coast, completely outside the jurisdiction of the U.S. Government (much to the frustration of the IRS and the other TLAs). It will be cheaper than Keystone-XL; not only will it be shorter, it will be cheaper per linear measure because it will be built under Canadian regulations, which focus on (gasp! choke!) pipeline safety, rather than maximizing saliva generation when kissing environmentalist a**.
Update: Shoot, shovel, forget.  How draconian Environmentalist thinking encourages nothing but contempt.


kjanicki said...

You know that universal healthcare system we have in Canada (universally slow and crappy but free) that all those people in the picture probably think is wonderful? You know what pays for it? Albertan oil and gas. What, they don't want Canadians to have good healthcare?

eon said...

The enviros' POV is that it's perfectly OK for good, progressive socialists to burn oil because they do it to further world socialist progressivism. It's just bad for Evil Capitalists to do it to make money. Yes, this is an illogical, circular argument, but that's the best they can do, and always has been.

Even if The One does OK the pipeline, I predict the end result will be just like the refusal to allow EPA to hit electrical utilities with heavier CO2 restrictions this week. He has already said that the decision will have to be "reviewed" in 2013 due to the five-year rule, and I predict He will reverse it then if He is still President. Similarly, any decision to greenlight the Keystone pipeline will be reversed the same way. After the next election.

Due to lead time- and lawsuits- no actual construction will be underway at that time on the US side anyway. The One will brag about all the money we've "saved" by not building it, naturally.

The One is a leftist, environmental, anti-technology ideologue who barely learns from experience. What He has learned is that He can and will lie to get re-elected, and then give his friends what they demand afterward.

As for what his friends want, most of them don't have a clue, and those that do don't talk about it. They are at least smart enough to know that openly telling most of the human race "I hate you, and I want Holy Mother Gaia all to myself" is not a winning strategy.