Thursday, 1 September 2011

100 years of style

Or, more accurately, "Forty years of dressing like grown-ups followed by 60 years of costumes affected by teenagers, slackers, layabouts, hippies, nitwits and pretentious dunces with more money than sense who actually in some benighted corner of their atrophied, cocaine-addled brains somehow imagine that most sane human beings with an ounce of God-given common sense would entertain for one iota of a moment the idea of dressing in such a ludicrous manner–much less being actually caught dead in the street clad in the sort of ghastly, childish rags that one generally associates with nothing less than terminal cases of unadulterated bad taste–instead of running like the clappers at the very suggestion. God, I'm so depressed!"

But Marketing felt the title needed trimming.

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