Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Great River Turbine

This seems to be a bumper week for Yanko Design (The DREADCO of the design world).  What else can one say when confronted with their "green" power triumph?  Behold: An undershot waterwheel of incredible inefficiency sitting out in a stretch of water with no way to turn it.

The elegance of its idiocy is breathtaking.


eon said...

Giant undershot waterwheel (the least efficient type) sitting on a raft that moves up and down with the tide(?), and with the lowermost paddles not obviously in contact with the water.

If you point this out over at Yanko, Jantzen gets defensive.

Style Over Substance- It's The Yanko Way.

(And we're hip and trendy, so don't you reactionaries dare suggest that we are not brilliant!)



Anonymous said...

It may be poorly designed, but I think this is the first Yanko creation you've spotlighted which isn't completely idiotic in conception as well. Something like this could work on rivers with a good current but no "fall" like the lower Mississippi, Amazon, etc.

Ironmistress said...

I could imagine this might work for a summer cottage or a similar small resort which resides at a steadily flowing river with no rapids or waterfalls. After all, waterwheels have existed for millennia, and hydroelectric power is clean.