Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The soda of liberty

Evil woman!
James Lileks wades into Mayor Bloombergs plan to tell New Yorkers how big a soda they may buy and he takes no prisoners.
A culture that redefines food choices as moral issues will demonize the people who don’t share the tastes of the priest class. A culture that elevates eating to some holistic act of ethical self-definition - localvore, low-carbon-impact food, fair trade, artisanal cheese - will find the casual carefree choices of the less-enlightened as an affront to their belief system. Leave it to Americans to invent a Puritan strain of Epicurianism.
This is on a par with why I dislike vegetarians and vegans.  It isn't because they won't eat meat (or claim they don't).  I have nothing but healthy respect for my friends who say that they don't eat meat because they don't like it or for health reason.  Heck, I'm married to a woman who won't eat any meat unless it's ground and my daughter is just as bad and I love them both dearly.  No, what I dislike is people who wear their diet as a badge of moral vanity–worse, as a mandate to tell me what to eat.  And, as Mr Lileks points out, the same goes for the rest of their ilk.

And I don't even like soda.

You will find me drinking rum,

Like a sailor in a slum,

You will find me drinking beer like a Bavarian

You will find me drinking gin 

In the lowest kind of inn

Because I am a rigid Vegetarian.

So I cleared the inn of wine,

And I tried to climb the sign,

And I tried to hail the constable as "Marion."

But he said I couldn't speak,

And he bowled me to the Beak

Because I was a Happy Vegetarian.

Oh, I know a Doctor Gluck,

And his nose it had a hook,

And his attitudes were anything but Aryan;

So I gave him all the pork

That I had, upon a fork

Because I am myself a Vegetarian.

I am silent in the Club,

I am silent in the pub.,

I am silent on a bally peak in Darien;

For I stuff away for life

Shoving peas in with a knife,

Because I am a rigid Vegetarian.

No more the milk of cows

Shall pollute my private house

Than the milk of the wild mares of the Barbarian

I will stick to port and sherry,

For they are so very, very,

So very, very, very, Vegetarian.
G K Chesterton

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eon said...

This reminds me of a gedankenexperiment I've been mulling over regarding tobacco use. (Note; I don't smoke, anything, and never have.)

It was set off by Ohio universities announcing that they are banning smoking tobacco on campus, while simultaneously pressuring the state to decriminalize "personal use quantities" of marijuana. One U has established "smoking huts" on campus for those benighted individuals who just can't kick the habit.

When asked why, the usual answer is "second-hand smoke", considered harmful due to carcinogens like tar, etc. OK, so far so good. (But see below.)

My question would be, "You are aware that while 'pot' has no nicotine in it (THC takes the place of nicotine in its chemical matrix), the average ounce of cannabis, indica or othwerwise, has about twice the tar content of even the roughest shag tobacco, aren't you?"

Which means that "second-hand smoke" from pot should be even more dangerous, in cancer terms, than tobacco.

Of course, at some point some smart apple will raise the issue of Penn & Teller's show, in which they cited documentary evidence from research that sought to prove a SHS connection to emphysema, etc., but couldn't find it in their raw data. P&T agreed that SHS was unpleasant, but the point was that the "health issue" just wasn't there in the data.

My guess is that the pot advocates will say, "See? if tobacco SHS isn't harmful, pot SHS can't be, either!" ("And it makes you sooooo mellow, mann.")

My response would be, "Right. You've just admitted that your main argument for banning tobacco is false, and that the drug you love is more harmful to the respiratory system than tobacco is. So, why are you so dead-set to outlaw tobacco, and so determined to legalize pot? Is it because pot is 'hip' and 'trendy', and tobacco is 'bourgeois'? Do you just hate people who don't want to get stoned, like you? Or are you just determined to force everyone to use the drugs you like?"

I would love to see this happen on some talk show. Just to watch the "enlightened" choomers squirm.