Friday, 8 June 2012

The logic of empire

From the BBC:
Speaking on German TV, [German Chancellor Angela Merkel] called for "more Europe", including a budgetary union, saying "we need a political union first and foremost".
That makes about as much sense as treating a gunshot victim by pumping more bullets into him.

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eon said...

Wasn't a "political union of Europe" the idea that has gotten Germany into trouble since, oh, about Frederick the Great's time?

The Brussels Sprouts seem to be dreaming of a United Europe, foisted on the peoples of the subcontinent by stealth. And of unseating Merkel and replacing her with some Green sock-puppet who will use the Bundesheer to Tienanmen Square anybody who balks.

The trouble is, nobody is asking the Bundesheer if they actually want that job.

My guess is, when the time comes, the "wise heads" may get a surprise they don't want. Sort of like the CPSU got in 1991.

Before any group tries to use an army, they first need to make sure that said army actually views them as a legitimate command authority.

The Directoire' made that mistake, and look what happened to them.