Sunday, 17 June 2012

Fantasitc Four: Meets the Mole Man

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eon said...

Marvel redid this one two times. First as an issue of "What If?", in which the FF confronted Moley without super powers. Reed didn't get overanxious, waited until the shields on the ship were stable, and instead of getting super powers from cosmic rays the crew became the first humans to reach Alpha Centauri with an FTL drive.

(In that one we learned that Reed is an excellent small arms designer, too, and that the whole motley crew are pretty darned good shots with high-powered automatic weapons.)

It was also redone in the "rebooted" FF #1 a few years ago, in a style closer to the then-current crop of Image and other small-press comics. IMHO, it would have made a far better FF "origin" movie than the one we actually got. Sue especially came off well;

(While sneaking into the launch base, Sue levels an armed guard with a Tae Kwon Do kick)

Johnny; With kicks like that, you should be a Rockette, sis.

Sue; Those costumes do nothing for me, little brother. Besides, I make better money.

(In this version, Sue is CEO of Storm Industries, which built the ship Reed designed. She also looks very good in a longcoat over a catsuit.)