Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Water cyborg

I won't go into the technology here, as the flaws would fill a very large book. What really gets my odd toed ungulate is that people will look at this video's premise that Earth is on the verge of becoming a damp version of Arrakis and nod sagely.

And they think that people getting ready for the inevitable zombie apocalypse are silly.

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Sergej said...

What's your gettable ungulate, that it be odd-toed? A rhinoceros?

This thing gets extra points for not proposing anything reasonable that evolution isn't already doing. Noses already filter and moisten air, veins (not arteries) already work to either conserve or dissipate heat, and valuable water is already squeezed out of waste before it is eliminated. At a guess, if the environments we lived in were to change sufficiently, we would do the same in a few generations---see changes in human pigmentation since Africa, or the Eskimos' Arctic stockiness. The iPod-charging torc... probably not, though. Or the dehydrated water tablets. Because those are just plain silly.

Study question: why ouroboros as a logo? Do they mean that water will encircle the planet so the Midgard Serpent will finally be able to grasp his tail? I'm getting flashbacks to that Kevin Costner movie. And I've never sat through the whole thing without falling asleep.