Monday, 18 June 2012

DARPA looks at developing robots to sew uniforms

U.S. military uniforms may not be the most fashionable of clothes, but there are a lot of them. Every year, the Pentagon spends US$4 billion on uniforms and over 50,000 people are employed in their production. In an effort to cut costs and increase efficiency, DARPA has awarded a US$1.25 million contract SoftWear Automation, Inc. to develop “complete production facilities that produce garments with zero direct labor is the ultimate goal" - in other words, a robot factory that can make uniforms from beginning to end without human operators... Continue Reading DARPA looks at developing robots to sew uniforms


eon said...

But will everything still come in the two standard sizes, namely Too Big and Too Small?



jayessell said...

Why doesn't the US Gov. just buy the military uniforms from China?

(Remove RFID tags before use.
Also, wash in Tide for heavy metals before use.)