Friday, 8 June 2012

Let's not be beastly to Barry

The Ministry of Truth Mainstream Media have had a pretty rough time lately.  Mr Barack Hussein Obama is unable to run on His dismal domestic record, Obamacare faces overthrow by the Supreme Court, His "smart" diplomacy reaped little except derision, His "shiny object" attacks backfired in spectacular fashion, Romeny refuses to repeat McCain's conceding gracefully instead of fighting and the Wisconsin recall ended in a defeat so bad that His supporters are in denial.

With all of that facing the MSM's Messiah, they have come up with a new strategy:  Howling "Stop being mean to The One!" at their top of their voices with appropriate foot stamping.

Next stop: the MSM catching a dose of reality by discovering that their choice is to turn on Mr Soetoro or go down with him.

The US presidential election just got interesting.


eon said...

He wants political journos to stop acting as though gaffes matter. And stop "making up" double-entendres' for The One.

Actually, they don't have to make them up, because Himself is the most tongue-tangled public speaker since the Right Reverend Spooner. Biden was supposed to make Him look erudite, and even that is backfiring.

At some point, the media is going to have to admit what the rest of the country has already noticed. Namely that the biggest problem with Mr. Teleprompter isn't that He is a narcissistic, egotistical leftist ideologue.

It's that He is also an idiot.



Sergej said...

Hey, leave Barry alone! He's a human being! (Was "leave Britney alone" too long ago to still be a thing?)

Yes, it will be fascinating, in retrospect, to consider the process by which people come to realize that the clothes have no emperor. What other emotions might be going on while contemplating this---whether amusement or horror and whatever one feels while sighing and eye-rolling---will depend upon whether people realize this before or after the election.

Anonymous said...

I find it humorous how it's only conservatives that refer to Obama as "messiaah." These are, after all, the same people who strutted around saying God put Bush in the White House, so I guess that's all they know how to do: Project.

Anyway, if you think that somehow Romney will be better, I hope you're either rich (the only class he cares about) or you like watching already profitable corporate entities paying even less than 15% income tax while you pay over 30%. And lest you think that those entities are "job creators," their taxes have been steadily dropping for decades; we should be swimming in jobs if lower taxes resulted in their creation.

Then again, I guess some people are willfully blind enough to think "man, maybe if people like Mitt Romney's effective tax rate was 10%, they'd finally have enough dough to hire someone."

David said...

Only conservatives? Have a look at this compendium of leftist adoration for The One:Is Obama the Messiah?.

Projection? I'm sorry, but when you have a man whose supporters gush about how he makes their legs tingle, how he's a Light Bringer and when the man himself brags about "We (I) are (am) the ones (one) we've (you've) been waiting for, and how "the oceans will cease to rise and the planet begins to heal" when he merely won the nomination, never mind the election, then this is something we call noticing the crackpot in the Oval Office.

As to "trutted around saying God put Bush in the White House", I don't know anyone on the right who seriously thinks that, though I do know more than a few who were unimpressed by his Compassionate Conservatism and willingness to work with the Socialists across the aisle.

As to Romney, given the record of Mr Soetoro, I would prefer a president chosen by sticking a pin in the phone book to His Serene Highness Barack Hussein Obama II, Lord of the Flies, Keeper of the Hoops, Master of the Greens, Bringer of Kinetic Military Action, Slayer of Bin Laden, Vacationer-in-Chief, and Protector of the Holy Cities of Honolulu and Chicago.

eon said...

Hey Anon,

Re what David said, the whole "Lightworker/Messiah" meme' had its start with Obama's supporters in place like The New Yorker, and Salon, and oh yes, Huffington Post,, & etc.

BTW, the term "Lightworker" comes from UFO contactee cults. It's normally applied to individuals the UFo believers consider "arisen beings" come down to Earth to show us unenlightened primitives the path to True Utopia. Said TUtopia inevitably being agrarian, socialistic, ansd feudalistric, with the Lightworkers and their acolytes as the nobility, and everybody else as the serfs. (Yes, the deep-eco crowd stole a lot from thwe UFo-nuts, going back to the Fifties; Google "Donald M. Ware" for just one example of the cross-fertilization.)

Not to blow my own horn, but if you check backfiles of LGF, I may have been the first to call attention to this point, and refer to Obama as The Self-Exalted One. Which I did because I just couldn't resist using verbal jiujitsu on all the lefties who were swooning over the Messiah they were about to put in the Oval Office.

As will Rogers once said, I don't make jokes; I just read the news and report the facts.