Tuesday, 19 June 2012

No shoggoths yet.

NASA press release:
A new university-led study with NASA participation finds ancient Antarctica was much warmer and wetter than previously suspected. The climate was suitable to support substantial vegetation — including stunted trees — along the edges of the frozen continent.
They discovered this by way of borings that brought up samples of vegetation, pollen, elder signs...


Fruitbat44 said...

Funny joke about the elder signs there.

It is a joke, right? It is a joke, isn't it?? Isn't it??? ISN'T IT!!!!

Sergej said...

There can only be one explanation: we're leaving such a massive Carbon Footprint that it's actually going back in time and affecting weather in the middle Miocene! Won't anybody stop this madness? Tinkkuv da Chiiidren!

eon said...

On the plus side, the Elder Things (as shown here) are some of the very few entities that are vulnerable to conventional weapons. Meaning that shooting them actually hurts them , as opposed to just annoying them enough to induce them to rip your head off (and maybe imprison your brain in a metallic cylinder for a few millennia with Slim Whitman's Greatest Hits being played into your cerebrum 24/7/ad infinitum).