Friday, 22 June 2012

Invade and destroy

From the BBC:
The EU should "do its best to undermine" the "homogeneity" of its member states, the UN's special representative for migration has said.
Translation: The UN's special representative for migration urges the EU to declare war against its member states.

It's time to invest heavily in tar and feathers.


eon said...


eon said...

Ok, now that's out of the way.

(It at first wouldn't let me sign in unless I "linked" the number of the mobile phone that I do not have. Thanks for nothing, Google idiots!)


What comes after "Translation: The"? I'm seeing only skinny white rectangles where the words should be.

Is Google engaged in another war with Firefox?



jayessell said...


Just highlight the area as if you were going to copy it.
The censored area becomes readable.

This process is used at TV Tropes to Hide/Unhide spoilers.

PS: You are permitted to skip linking your mobile phone.
The opt-out is there somewhere.

eon said...


Thanks. That did it.

And on mine, when I click on opt out, I get "error- we can't accept that result".

Translation; We Want Your D**n Mobile Phone Account Number, And We By Ghu Want it Now!!

It's things like this that keep me a caveman on the Information Superhighway. Because there are some "modern conveniences" that are just to much sheer aggravation to get involved with.

Non-landline phones being just one example of same.



eon said...

On the main subject...

There's an old saying that generals are always getting prepared to fight the last war. (Although the late Ian Hogg observed that it's a bit difficult to do anything else, what with all efforts to R&D crystal balls failing consistently.)

NATO spent forty-odd years preparing to refight WW2, except against the Red Army rather than the Wehrmacht. Which would have been a poser, as the Red Army was just a bit bigger.

And as a result, were thoroughly blindsided when the next invasion wasn't led by masses of T-72s.

Rather, it was, and is, a very old-fashioned one. Masses of people just moving in, making themselves at home, and living. The difference being that they aren't leaving their old ways behind as they do. Which sort of runs counter to the last couple of thousand years of immigration history.

The combination of massive migration (and it's greater than the European ministers have admitted in the past), and the cultural homogeneity of the immigrants (they aren't coming from "everywhere", just from the Islamic Crescent, for the most part,) equals a future in which Europe will be Islamic by default. At this point, I don't see any other outcome being likely.

The "wise heads" who are demanding "multiculturalism" as an antidote to "cultural homogeneity" of the UK, etc., are engaged in the old game of "identification with the other", with a side order of "They are our 'useful idiots'".

They dislike European (Western) culture for their own reasons (probably a mixture of megalomania and plain lust for destruction), so they want it erased and replaced with a more "mystical" one. Which they believe they will rule by virtue of being "the smartest guy(s) in the room".

And mysticism requires no thought, only belief. So it's tailor-made for them.

Their romance with Islam is proof of this. I don't hear them waxing eloquent about how much Europe will be improved by the influx of, say, a bunch of hard-headed Russian physicists, let alone Japanese computer architects. No, it's the "spiritual" Muslims they want in charge. (All those Christians and animists from Darfur can kindly stay out, in their "enlightened" minds.)

The moral is that no civilization ever fell without first being torn apart from within. By those in positions of power and influence who were not satisfied with that which they already had.

And who were sure that they could manipulate the local barbarian tribes to achieve their ends.

They all ended up disappointed. A lot ended up dead. But they never seem to learn.

cheers (after a fashion)