Friday, 1 June 2012

SpaceX returns

The SpaceX Dragon cargo spaceship returns to Earth after an historic visit to the International Space Station.  Not only is the United States back at the top tier of space exploration with a man-capable vehicle, but it's one built and operated by a private company and more are joining the race.

I've said it before, but it looks as though we're entering a new era where what NASA or other government space agencies do will have less and less relevance as time goes by.


Neil A Russell said...

Any assistance that SpaceX received from the federal government will soon be used as another "achievement" of the Obama campaign.

Barry O can even campaign that Romney has done nothing to assist space research projects as Governor of Massachusetts.

Obama, the Space President...or just spaced

jayessell said...

The cargo returned to earth?
Garbage from the space station.
(it's not as if they can push it out the airlock, but
For non-toxic waste they should have 'deorbit and burn' capsules.)

David said...

jayessell: Actually, the deorbit and burn method is one they already use with the non-reusable cargo vessels like Progress and the ESA freighters. What's neat about Dragon is that since it's pressurised, it can carry back delicate cargoes without their having to hitch a ride with returning crews.