Friday, 15 June 2012

Hippo steaks

Popular Science looks back at the meat of the future: Hippopotamus.

I don't know.  I've been up close with hippos in the wild and, frankly, I'd lay better odds on domesticating leopards.

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eon said...

Agreed. The late Col. Jeff Cooper, no tyro in Africa, held that the "water horse" should replace the leopard in the Africa Big Five.

(For those besides David here, the other four members of that unlovely gang are the elephant, rhino, lion, and Cape buffalo, with the Cape being by far the most dangerous in the bush.)

As Cooper put it;

(W)hile the spotted cat is undeniably fast and scratchy, the hippo is an ill-tempered brute with the muscle to back it up. If you ever become a bit jaded with life, contrive to place yourself between an adult hippopotamus and the water just before dawn. You will soon have all the excitement you can handle, and then some.

Just remember to bring enough gun when you do it. A .375 is the minimum sensible choice. A .416 is probably better.

And the old .577 or .600 Nitro is by no means overkill.

(The above observations made by an uncle of mine who, back in the Fifties, "contrived" to do what Cooper suggested as a cure for boredom on several occasions.)