Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Red Scene

Genocide cuisine
Apparently, there's a craze in Red China for restaurants peddling nostalgia for the Cultural Revolution.  You know, that unfortunate time when the Chinese were being murdered by the tens of millions by the Communists, ended up eating grass because of the famines and when wearing glasses made you an enemy of the people?  Good times, good times.

Next up:  Germany opens a chain of Death Camp Delicatessens and Russia a Gulag Goodies franchise. 


eon said...

With Pol Pot Land ("Experience The Glamor Of True Agrarian Socialism!") in Cambodia.

They just won't mention where all the human skulls came from.



Sergej said...

I understand there was commie nostalgia in Russia as well, during the anarchic pre-Putin oil boom times. But that was of the "we had to watch what we said in public but at least there was enough to eat, usually" variety. Red China on the other hand, really does seem full of itself lately. This can only end in tears. I hope, for everyone's sake, that they'll be of the Important Life Lesson variety and not the one where there's a war with large losses on all sides. I hope, for our sake, that if it does come to shooting, we'll have something more resembling a man than the current limp noodle in the White House by then.