Thursday, 13 October 2011

The last straw

For a mess of potage.
Fixing what isn't broken is usually the reserve of Labour or the Liberal Democrats, but Mr David Cameron, not content with the ludicrous and destructive impulse to redefine marriage,  is bound and determined to prove them wrong.  By embracing the abolition of Primogeniture and  the Act of Settlement, Mr Cameron throws the very existence of Britain and the Commonwealth into the hazard for no reason other than facile demonstration of his PC credentials.  This is frivolous, outright insanity and demonstrates that this man is not only unfit to lead the country, but he is unfit to lead his party and that the Conservatives are unfit for tolerating him.  If he wanted to "fix" something, then he should have moved to abolish that vampire of the Welfare State that is draining the life's blood of Britain while turning its working class into a collection of violent, drunken, self-entitled children and then gone on to free Britain from that monstrosity the European Empire.

This sort of idiocy has become the touchstone of all three major parties and makes me despair for the future because throwing one lot out means merely putting another in who are just as mad.  I loathe the idea of revolution, which 99 times out of a hundred is far worse than the alternative, but unless there is some major upheaval that tosses out this toxic Political Class in favour of something resembling the sanity of the defunct Establishment, we are all in very deep trouble.

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