Thursday, 13 October 2011

The apology that never was

Not so much bowing as mooning his own country.

Mr Barack Hussein Obama not only bowed to the Emperor of Japan in flagrant violation of diplomatic protocol, but it turns out that he also wanted to apologise for the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

What's interesting here is that since 2009 we have learned how little Mr Soetoro thinks of his country.  At least he didn't try to apologise for the US Navy shooting back at the Japanese during the Battle of Pearl Harbour.


Trimegistus said...

In a way, it's a damned shame the Japanese were gracious enough to keep him from blowing his own head off with that.

Nice to know that the President of the United States wishes hundreds of thousands of Americans had died who otherwise lived to come home and raise families. But since most of those men were white, I guess he's bummed they didn't get killed.

eon said...

As has been pointed out elsewhere, The One could have done more good by visiting Japan after the tsunami and pledging our help to Japan in the rebuilding. Instead, he went to Rio for another meaningless "conference" on girl-watching on the beach, umm, excuse me, I meant "climate change". (Girl-watching is not meaningless.)

I suspect he would have gone to Tokyo, if he could have figured out some way to blame the tsunami on Anthropogenic Global Warming. Unfortunately, that gag fell flat when the "progressives" tried it following the Indian Ocean tsunami; atmospheric conditions can be caused by seismic events, but it's never the other way around.

As for his bow, he didn't do it properly. Heads of state bow to each other slightly, if at all, keeping their eyes on each other, as per the samurai. The One's bow was that of a peasant offering his neck to his daimyo.

(His Majesty was probably very embarrassed by this faux paux, but being who he is, maintained his composure.)

Ad as for the apology, by now it should be obvious to everybody that Obama is deeply ashamed that America even exists. And seems to believe that if he can grovel enough in expiation of that existence, he will be crowned King of the World.

And they said King Ludwig of Bavaria had a little problem coping with the real world.



Sergej said...

Barry is a clown. And a ridiculous reification of the faculty lounge world view (I first heard Prof. Hanson say this, and immediately recognized it as exactly correct). It is strange that such smart people should have such dangerously naive views about the world outside campus---I'm talking of course about the academics Barry is aping, not the man himself---but that is a paradox of academia. I wonder if being a university professor used to imply some measure of not being an idiot outside some narrow specialization, or if it's just an old man (me) romanticizing the olden times.