Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Britain defenceless until 2030

What we could be again, if we choose.
According to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), Britain's two aircraft carriers (actually, only one because the other will never see service) won't be fully operational until 2030–and even then won't be up to the job.

This is intolerable and there is no reason for it.  For a small fraction of what we waste on the European Empire, "climate change" and Socialist nonsense, we could be fielding a half dozen carrier groups built around Nimitz-class equivalent nuclear supercarriers commissioned inside of ten years and not even feel the pinch.

Britain isn't in decline, she's being murdered.


Anonymous said...

HMS Ark Royal,GONE ! Harrier Aircraft GONE ! Service personnel on the scrapheap. A number of Coast guard stations set to close, and again the suggestion that Air Sea Rescue Serviceis to be privatised. Quick !!! Let's take to the boats...Oh sorry they have been flogged for scrap or mothballed... What's next I wonder ?
I despair ...

eon said...

And if they are expecting the RAF to do the job, forget it. They are getting barely enough of the new (late deploying, overly expensive, under-capable) Typhoons to do the ADGB mission with backup from Hawk trainers armed with AIM-9s.

Expecting them to do force-on-force or even sea-area control is asking far too much of the aircrews considering what they have to work with. (Are they willing? Yes, very. Is their TO&E up to it? Not a chance.)

Britain is going to deeply regret disposing of the Nimrods, and drawing down the Tornados, to cite only two examples of the numb-skulled decisions of the present "Musical Chairs" Labour/so-called "Conservative" government.

It's bad enough that Cameron, Brown, Clegg & Co. are doing a Monty Python version of MacDonald, Baldwin & Chamberlain. They also seem determined to repeat every single mistake those three useless gits made. With an even bigger threat than He Who Must Not Be Named (not Voldemort, the other one) on the horizon.

Or rather, just over it. Sitting around the Med. Especially east of the Persian Gulf.

cheers (but not to them)


Fruitbat44 said...

But don't worry, we don't really need armed forces, because eveyone is going to be really, really, really nice to everyone else from now until the end of history . . .


God help us all.

Gauss said...

So what are you going to do about it? You going to keep shouting down the Tubes, in the hope that somebody will hear that has the wherewithal to actually do something?

Are you going to aid those who are working to stop this? Go forth and help them yourself? Well, are you?

Or are you just going to yell at the wall until you're blue in the face?

eon said...


I'm in the U.S., not the UK. Right now, I'm mainly concerned with voting out a government here which somehow believes that rather than buying F-22s and F-35s, it's more "cost effective" to try to keep flying F-15s and F-16s (built twenty to thirty years ago) until about 2040.

Which is why the state of the armed forces of one of our most important allies concerns me.

If you're in England, I'd suggest you and your friends get together next election day, go to the polls, and see about voting in a government consisting of somebody besides the "usual suspects", as Claude Rains might say.



Jason said...

Speaking of money wasted on Global Warming: