Friday, 4 November 2011

Soviet Future Past or there's a tractor in your future

Interesting, but a bit too Five Year Planny for my tastes


Sergej said...

Hey, in Soviet Russia, future plans... well, you know the story.

eon said...


I hate to say it, but the early Sixties' Soviet version of the future looked a lot like what everybody else was already doing by that time. Except for the rather un-aerodynamic flying cars, of course.

I found the artist's vision of a giant claw gantry lifting the sunken ship off the ocean floor especially interesting. Considering what Hughes and the CIA did with that sunken Juliet-class boomer and the "Glomar Explorer" in the Pacific a decade later.



Sergej said...

But very red. With a kind of star motif. A thing you won't find in contemporary American futurism is the yellow box in the lower righthand corner: "THE PRESENT GENERATION OF SOVIET PEOPLE WILL LIVE UNDER COMMUNISM". The mom tells me that this big-character poster appeared in her school classroom one fall. Later, it was scaled down to living under socialism, and later still removed to the memory hole altogether.

Of course, now our own Free-Range Occupiers seem to have taken this stuff up again. Down with the forces of something or other; up with something else; dude, would you mind terribly if I bummed a toke?

Neil A Russell said...

Darn you communism, trying to woo me with your tailfins and chrome.