Thursday, 17 November 2011


Yanko Design (The DREADCO of the design world) now gives us Autonomo; a plastic motor car that packs so many high tech features that you almost, but not quite, forget that it's a maze car out of Logan's Run.

Three interesting features:  First, it incorporates photovoltaic cells for no logical reason given the tiny area they cover.  Second, the outer shell is biodegradable, which is greenspeak for "prone to rot".  And third, to use this, you have to sit on the floor, which means that it's about as undignified and uncomfortable to get in and out of as an Italian sports car.


eon said...

I assume that in event of a crash, it fires you and your passenger out of harm's way with a pair of Martin-Baker "zero-zero" ejector seats?

That would seem to be the only way to exit this thing in any kind of a hurry.



Sergej said...

Don't be so hard on Yanko. They provide a valuable service by compiling a list of things that should never, in any circumstances, be built. Kind of an inverse patent office.

Though this one, with the minuscule solar panels and the space for the batteries only implied (or does "wireless energy transfer" mean that it's basically a scaled-up slot car?), has a certain plodding charm. Like if the designer watched the electric golf cart sequences in Space Mutiny and said, "yes, this is what the future should look like!" People like that really should take their lithium on schedule.