Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Productivity Future Vision

"Productivity Future Vision";  winner of the creepy title of the year award

You can tell that Microsoft produced this; a collection of not very well thought out designs overloaded with features that are confusing, buggy and aim at solving non-existent problems.  The last thing I want is a kitchen counter that has to download the latest software updates before I can chop an onion.

Don't get me wrong.  I love digital gadgetry.  It's what allows me to make a living as a writer and if netbooks and wifi had been around 30 years ago, I'd have said, "Screw the PhD".   However, this is farcical overload.

Moral of the story:  iPads have their place, but I'm still tucking my Moleskine and pen in my jacket when I leave the house.

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Brandon said...

I think quite a lot of this technology will (in one way or another) be something we can look forward too. On the other hand I don't think people are going to suddenly starting working in stark white rooms or decorating their homes like dioramas from EPCOT center.

Someday people will look back on this the same way we look back at presentations from the fifties that had us all running around in skin tight jumpsuits with bubble helmets.