Monday, 28 November 2011

And we're back

Sort of.  I'm well enough to get back to the computer–though it's the netbook and I'm confined to bed most of the day.  It'll be posting as I come across interesting things during the day until I'm properly up and about.

Either that, or a stream of conciousness account of some of the more vivid hallucinations if I get my meds wrong.


jayessell said...

Welcome Back!

I suppose the state of Washington is fairly large but...


Get weller soonest!

PS: My capcha key is 'ovencide'.
I suppose that's where the oven kills itself.

Sergej said...

Feel better!

I always thought ovencide was where you took down the shotgun from over the fireplace, led the old oven out behind the woodshed, and put it out of its misery. Maybe it's a Russian thing. In Soviet Russia, you keel oven...