Monday, 7 November 2011

But it's the conservatives who are the mob

I love it when the camera swings and we see how tiny a collection the 99 percent are.

Let's have the run down:
Bear in mind that this lot is endorsed by Mr Barack Hussein Obama and the leaders of his party and that the MSM have given them glowing coverage.  My favourite is the hoary old line that the "demonstration was peaceful until the rioting started".  That's like saying "The Luftwaffe were on a peaceful flight until they started dropping bombs on London".

The more I look at this nasty little echo of 1968, the more I believe that this is the true face of the Left* laid naked.  Hopefully, we'll be paying attention this time.

*At least, the foot soldiers that the Political Class have abandoned.

Update: Felony arrests, "Shut down Burger King"...

Update:  The MSM's double standard and the "urban Burning Man festival".

Update: Unemployed puppeeters who can't find jobs in their field.

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eon said...

The old Anarchist Cookbook points out that mobs are inherently useful simply because they destroy, and destruction is what "progressivism" is ultimately all about.

One of the often-overlooked points about the left is that their dogmas are chock-full of plans and procedures to destroy existing institutions, but largely lacking in any ideas on what to do once they're in charge. Other than "raising high the red banner" and having anyone who disagrees with them shot, that is.

Mrs. Thatcher once said that the trouble with socialism is that it eventually runs out of other people's money. Adam Smith observed that any system operating on the "rob Peter to pay Paul" principle is dependent upon Peter, not Paul.

Those in government who see the OWSies as simply another bunch of exploitable idiots to cow the masses into subservience are finding out that Peter is about fed up with Paul. And with them.