Monday, 14 November 2011

And they're ungrateful clingers, too.

Maybe they're just following His example.
Mr Barack Hussein Obama says that Americans are "lazy".

Instapundit says that Mr Soetoro turning out to be the next Jimmy Carter is the best case scenario.  Frankly, I think we're in James Buchanan territory now.


Sergej said...

He's right. We don't deserve him. But maybe after this harsh lesson, we'll be less inclined to buy whatever our journalistic class tries to market at us.

eon said...

James Buchanan?

Yes, I can see that. Considering that The One has already outdone Nixon, LBJ, Carter, and even the Clintons in the "Stuck On Stupid" category.

And I do agree that we don't deserve him. Anymore than Venezuela deserves a gibbering dingbat like Chavez'.

Or Weimar Germany deserved that idiot Bruening. Another dolt who thought that (a) the ability to print money= the creation of actual wealth and (b) that it was possible for a country to "spend itself rich".

What most people overlook is that the real danger represented by the likes of The One is not the dolt himself, but who and what succeeds him. (Buchanan being a case in point; he helped set off the American Civil War through sheer incompetence.)

When people look for a "man on horseback", they often don't look as closely as they should. Nehemiah Scudder, in Heinlein's "Revolt in 2100", is a case in point.

And we all know who succeeded Bruening. (Except The One, who I am pretty sure never got around to studying history.)