Thursday, 10 November 2011

Occupy update

Steve Crowder goes under deep cover

The "Occupy" movement is looking more and more like a bowel movement every day.  Here's what they've accomplished:
And on, and on.


Sergej said...

Only the "people getting bored with them" matters. I know that Herman Cain is an enemy of the people because he... did something... to someone whom he may have met... in a city he's hardly ever visited... or something like that (how awful it must be for our president to keep running against such sexual fiends, first in Illinois and now nationally!). But if people were not asses, it would be sufficient for the Rs to run ads showing Husseinovich giving his imperial endorsement to these nut jobs, for people to hand him his hat and coat, and a little hammer so he could join Jimmy Carter, in all 57 states.

Collection of links. I'll click on more in the evening. Because I've got a job to go to. And if it happened that I didn't, I'd be out looking for one.

David said...

I'll take that as a Down Twinkles.

Sergej said...

Decidedly down-twinklies.

Anonymous said...

Why cannot they simply send the tanks and death squads in?

Sergej said...

Anonymous: because this is America, where being a smelly, boorish spoiled brat does not carry the death penalty. Those of us who are first generation immigrants, generally find this one of the most admirable things about the country.

Anonymous said...

Sergej, smelly, boorish spoiled brats are just one step from being smelly, boorish, spoiled terrorists.

Just machine-gun those bastards down and then execute summarily every tenth of the survivors. That'd do the bill.