Monday, 14 November 2011

The enemy within

Mr David Cameron, the traitor and leader of the illegal junta that is occupying Britain, is going to destroy the British Army:
As many as 10 of the existing 36 infantry battalions and five of the 11 Royal Armoured Corps regiments could be lost as the Army cuts up to 16,500 posts in the next three years.
I was going to say "decimate", but that only means getting rid of one in ten.  This is wholesale disarmament. We have got to get shot of this villainous political class or there won't be a Britain left to save.

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eon said...


Disarmed populace. Army too small to effectively defend the country from foreign threats. Home office already setting precedents for pre-emptive "fishing expedition" searches of the premises of people whom the government suspects of disagreeing with them.

This starting to look suspiciously like that old series "1990", with Edward Woodward (pre-"Equalizer").

It would tend to explain the Enfield AR, though. It's NBG in a real firefight, but if all you want your Army for is cowing the hoi polloi into obedience, a good rifle isn't necessary, strictly speaking. Just something that looks intimidating to the uninformed.

Your police, however, do need serious weaponry. This would explain the MP5s in use, as well.