Thursday, 3 November 2011

Blackberries... of the FUTURE!

A Blackberry future without Blackberries.

I agree with a lot of Mim Bits's points.  I'd even go farther about this is another example of people stuck in offices using a supped up version of Powerpoint to distract them from the depressing fact that they're working in offices.  But I do have a few questions:
  1. Why the deuce don't they think more about what people actually need?  I'd be content if windows opened up and videos played as fast and reliably as they do here.
  2. Does that little, badly designed smart phone project the graphics on any surface or do I need to install "smart" furniture all over the place just to set up an interface?
  3. Instead of locking out the stolen phone and wiping the memory, why doesn't it do something useful?  I'd suggest a coil of primer cord installed in the phone.  One keystroke and I'd hear a satisfying WHUMP off in the distance.

1 comment:

Sergej said...

Primer cord. Plus the occasional battery that shorts out and catches fire. In one's pants. Do I sense a recipe for Hilarity Ensuing?