Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Junta robs Britain to pay Brussels

From the BBC:
The UK could potentially give up to £40bn to the IMF to help the global economy, Treasury Chief Secretary Daniel "Danny" Alexander has said.
Marvellous.  It's bad enough that the illegal junta lead by the traitor David Cameron acts like it's keeping New Labour's seat warm for them, guts the constitution on a bizarre whim, and cuts back the defence budget to the point where the seas around Britain are literally undefended; now they want to take enough money to build an entire nuclear-powered carrier group and hand the lot over the European Empire via an IMF money laundering scheme.

Now we know where their loyalties lie and it isn't with Britain.

God help us.

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eon said...

Seen from this side of the pond, it was pretty obvious from the start that the entire point of the EU/Euro menage' was "share the wealth"- i.e., that assets would be redistributed in an "egalitarian" way by the gnomes in Brussels. With the putative "national governments" mainly acting as clerks recording who got how much.

What this means in the real world is that those countries with (halfway) sensible fiscal policies could be sure that their treasuries would be looted to prop up the countries who spent money like drunken junketing Congressmen, on "socially progressive" policies. Think Norway or the UK in the first category, and the PIIGS in the second.

And it is just going to get worse. As governments face ever-increasing demands from their own "intellectuals" for ever-increasing spending on "making the world... right", more resistance from their layabout classes against actually having to do something to get paid, and looming bankruptcy as a result of the above, they will demand- and get- more largesse from Brussels. Looted from somebody else.

What happened outside of the U.S. in Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" was mostly offstage. Here, we are seeing the beginnings of it for real.