Thursday, 27 October 2011

Occupy then home for tea

An empty occupation
The Pay Off My Student Debt, Dad or I'll Hold My Breath Until I Turn Blue Occupy This, That and the Other protests has taken an interesting turn.

First they declared that they are "99 percent human".  Then they went about peacefully raping one another in more than one location.  After that they desperately tried to bring back the heyday of 1968,  but failed miserably. And then they adopted cartoon writer (sorry "graphic novel author") Alan Moore's dated, paranoid inversion of the world as their standard.  All good stuff.

Now they've hit as new low as infra-red video demonstrates that these stalwarts of the revolution, these defenders of the proletariat, these stickers of it to the Man, these dedicated defecators in public spaces are actually commuting to the "occupation" while leaving empty tents behind to hold their places in the off hours.

It gets cold at night, you know, and besides, they might miss Midsomer Murders.

Update: At least they're not rioting as in Oakland, California.

Slacker declares war on Oakland police!  So, what's it like on your planet?


Cthel said...

It seems to me that the police should be down there removing these empty tents; they are either a) litter, or b) unattended packages left next to a well known tourist attraction near the City of London.

After we've collected the empty tents, we can then donate them to one of the international aid agencies. Or, for irony, follow the teachings of the "evil capitalism" and sell them all on ebay...

Sergej said...

Me, I'd like to be the dude selling "down with kkkapitalism" tee-shirts at one of these things. I bet I'd make enough filthy lucre in a week to retire to Florida.

But the lack of IR emissions from the tents... maybe the feral losers just have some really comfy sleeping bags. I've felt chilly sleeping in mine some nights. Maybe I should find out what they're using.