Monday, 31 October 2011

No ****, Sherlock

BBC headline:
Gaddafi: 'He died an angry and disappointed man'
I'm going out on a limb here, but if an angry mob dragged me out of the sewer pipe I was hiding in after my convoy was bombed and then they shot me in the head, that would put a damper on my mood as well.


eon said...

Not least because all his life, he was the one dreaming of watching it happen to the leaders of countries he didn't like. The United States, United Kingdom, and Israel, to name just three examples.

The fact that, barring a highly effective palantir, he would have needed a satellite TV hookup to do so (courtesy of the Western civilization he abhorred) apparently never occurred to him.

But then, as a rule, Islamists don't recognize irony even when it hits them in the mouth.



Cthel said...

I'll check my history books, but I don't believe there are any dictators who have died "happy and content". It kind of goes with the territory; if you achieved your position through violence, then you have set something of an example to your subjects.

Sergej said...

Pol Pot. Died in his sleep. Probably dreaming of bunnies. I expect that waking up in one of the warmer cauldrons in Hell was a bit of a shock.

Probably more than a few lower-level demons in commie-land who participated in the local Great Revolution, sent their share of people to earthly hell, collected a pension, and died content with a job well done. Not exactly dictators, but still, deprived some hangman of his fee.

Cthel said...


I thought Pol Pot had been deposed and was under house arrest at the time? And there was a suspicion he was either poisoned or committed suicide? But I'm not too sure...

Sergej said...

All right, fine then. Khomeini. Lenin or Stalin. Anyway, whatever abuse Kadaffy was getting that made him unhappy in the end was less than any of these types deserved. A noose or exile would do as well, though, if it got them out of power sooner.