Monday, 31 October 2011

Caligula in pinstripes

Mr Cameron's role model
Mr David Cameron, traitor and leader of the junta that illegally occupies Britain, has succumbed to a brand of brand of monomania that combines delusions of grandeur with being fundamentally a wet slap.  Britain faces her worst economic crisis since the 1930s; across the Channel, democracy is suffocating under a technocratic oligarchy who have usurped all power to itself and what does the Prime Minister do?   He threatens to cut foreign aid to countries that don't subscribe to a radical homosexual rights agenda.  Not those who massacre their citizens or keep them in bondage or reduce their economies to kleptocratic hell holes, mind you, but those who think redefining marriage is a bad idea.

Needless to say, what he doesn't mean is cutting off aid to Jihadist countries that execute homosexuals as a matter of routine.  That would be crazy.

At the very least, this shows a man who has absolutely no idea of where his priorities lie.  If he had any integrity or even sanity, he would spend every waking hour reversing the "reforms" inflicted on Britain by his predecessors going back to John Major as well as repealing every bit of  legislation passed since 1997.  Instead, he indulges in fits of madness such as demanding more female executives in private firms where it's none of his damn business, crushing a non-binding bill calling for a referendum on the European Empire and then claiming that he will "claw back" power from Brussels when he has no ability whatsoever to do so and wouldn't if he did, and saying that criminals on benefits should face stiffer fines.

The last one left me, for want of a better word, gobstruck.  Stiffer fines?  Here's an idea; how about removing the criminal from the public teat and never allowing him back on?  Sorry, I'm wandering back into the realm of sanity again.  He'll be declaring war on the sea next.

I can't wait for the Christmas honours list when Mr Cameron elevates a horse to the peerage.

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eon said...

Well, it's obvious that Cameron is an entirely proper modern-day "progressive" politician. In that his brain has from all indications remained unsullied by actual thought from birth to the present.

But I'm sure he would argue that the dogma eliminates the need for thought, if followed religiously.

After all, it worked for Gaius Germanicus Caesar, didn't it? (For those of you not up on your Romans, that's the fellow Malcolm MacDowall is done up as at the top of the page, better- or worse- known as Caligula.)

Oh, right. It didn't work that time, either.

OK, Cameron is a dimwit with delusions of grandeur. Again, a very typical modern "progressive".